29th July 2021

In today’s student feature, I am delighted to share a good news story about one of my students, Roisin Ni Cheallaigh. Well, it’s actually more of a great news story to be honest! When I saw Roisin share it online, I was over the moon.

Nothing fills my heart with joy more than when I see one of my photography students grow in confidence and strength. I’ve known Roisin a couple of years now. She first came to me for a Photography 1-2-1 session and I knew instantly that she had a real passion for her work. We talked for ages about what inspired her and it was an absolute pleasure helping her progress on her photography journey.


Roisin was one of the first people to sign up for our first online Smartphone Photography Workshop during lockdown in 2020. Not only did it help me get through those initial few weeks on my own, but it great to be able to bring a group of people together online. We shared stories, images and a few laughs along the way. I’ve kept in touch with everyone from that course as there was a real sense of shared experience in unprecedented times.

Roisin has such a lovely way with her and we share a love of animals. She captures some fantastic shots of cows whilst out for her walks and I’ve taken to sending her photos of any I see whilst out on the road lol. Sometimes we all need to slow down and stop for a while; to appreciate the simple things in life.


She has a great eye for capturing little moments in time and for storytelling through her work. When I read that one of her images had been chosen to appear in an exhibition at the Ulster Museum in Belfast, I was so proud of Roisin. I felt it was only fair to recognise this achievement in a special blog post. You can read what Roisin has to say about the event and how it all happened below …

Roisin Ni Cheallaigh

Tell me all about the New Parameters project Roisin …

This was a free online 4 week project with guest speakers and feedback given by an expert on your photographs you submitted. The National Museums NI chose the final 9 pictures for the exhibition in the Ulster Museum. I don’t think I will ever forget the e mail that my pictures were chosen.

Which of your images was selected to feature in the exhibition?

The theme for the project was Waiting and as it was about recording life in lockdown. My partner Vinny was talking to the neighbour outside and I just snapped the picture as she chatted to him

The image selected probably wouldn’t be my favourite as I was really hoping that they chose the image below. It didn’t dull my excitement however, as it was an absolute dream of mine to have my work exhibited. Totally surreal on the night watching people view my photography. The curator of the Ulster Museum took the above picture of me with my photograph and said it looks amazing in the frame. Near passed out. I was very nervous!

Roisin Ni Cheallaigh

What do you like taking photos of?

People, nature and cows!

What equipment do you use to take your photos?

Samsung Galaxy S21 Smartphone but I also have a Canon EOS 100D with the standard kit lens (18-55mm)

If I told you that you could have one piece of photography kit for free, what would it be and why?

I have everything as you know but I think an external hard/solid state drive would be lethal

Who inspires you most in life photographically / creatively?

Apart from yourself Catriona, Christopher Barr is amazing

Do you think you would ever like to work as a photographer

Oh absolutely!

Thanks so much Roisin for taking the time to share your story with us and for your kind words. I’m not going to lie … I shed a tear when I read Roisin’s post on Facebook about her work getting exhibited. Then I saw that she had been thoughtful enough to acknowledge me too, well that’s did it. This could honestly have not happened to a nicer person and I’m delighted that Roisin continues to be such a wonderful support to me and my business.

I wish you every success in the future – keep on shining bright!