7th June 2021
Personal Branding Photography Northern Ireland

Personal Branding Photography …. What is it?

Personal branding photography is the imagery that represents your business brand. It’s often the first impression your potential clients see when searching for your specialty online. It captures the people behind the brand, brand values and some of the processes and workflow 

Personal Branding Photography Northern Ireland
Kathryn from Muladhara Studios

Brands focus on photographing their products and talking about their services. Whilst important, ultimately you are your company’s greatest asset.

You had passion, vision, cultivated your ‘business baby’ and turned it into reality. 

Your clients & prospective customers deserve to see the real you.  Be authentic and that way, clients will trust you more.  Authenticity is so important to me, both in business and on a personal level.  It’s one of my main core values in life. 

People love to know who is behind your brand.  To hear your story and learn all about the people who make their favourite products or provide a service they may need.

Personal Branding Photography
Personal Branding Session with Lisa Morrison

So why bother with Personal Branding Photography?

There are a number of reasons why personal branding photography benefits you & your business …

•Enhances online presence

•Create impact on your website / marketing materials

•People buy people

•Versatility of content

•Strengthen brand identity

•Empowers – boosts confidence

Essential Images to capture during your session

•You – headshot & wider angle

•Your products / services

•Lifestyle images

•Behind the Scenes / Action shots

I provide my clients with clean, authentic images that are modern, timeless and that fit with their brand. I don’t remove certain colours to make images blend in with the latest trend. I love colour and include all the different tones in the spectrum to ensure it mirrors real life. Your portraits will still look classically beautiful in 10 years time.

Things to think about before the shoot

LOCATION – Highlight your space, stand out and shine!  Many personal brands showcase their strengths in the environments they spend the most time. 

Think about your audience – Do they want to see you in action?  Working behind the scenes?  Lifestyle portraits of you relaxing or with family?

Maybe you prefer to shoot on location where the venue portrays the real ethos of your brand.  An image tells a powerful story without saying a word so give plenty of thought to location for maximum impact. 

COMMUNICATE YOUR STYLE – Don’t be afraid to voice what you like & don’t like.  Art is subjective and it’s important to explore a photographer’s portfolio to make sure that they can provide the look and editing style you are going for.

It’s key that their work blends with your company’s image.  There is no point choosing someone who shoots desaturated, grainy images that have low contrast when your brand is modern, professional and clean.

Take your time to find the right fit and communicate your desires at initial point of contact to ensure that both you & your photographer know what you need

Alf and Roe Vintage Clothing

What to wear?

My personal branding sessions include a consultation with clients to ensure that we are the right fit and that I will meet their needs.

I provide guidance on styling, colour & what you own personal taste is.  It’s important that the real authentic you is conveyed in your portfolio of images.  You want to feel relaxed and comfortable but most importantly keep it real!

We think about colour, the environment where images are being taken, body shape, casual / formal and accessories

Professional hair and makeup can give you an extra boost of confidence in front of the camera PLUS it photographs brilliantly. 

Enhance your natural glow and give yourself a boost.  You don’t need to go over the top.  A good makeup artist will know how to get it just right. 

Whatever makes you light up will translate beautifully in the camera.

Brand Photography

Personalise with props

If you would like your images to look and feel a little more styled, you can incorporate some small, simple props.  A favourite book, your go-to breakfast smoothie or cute postcard?   Props aren’t essential but they can add flavour.  The most important things you need to bring to your session are your excitement and smile.

Final thoughts …

When it comes to brands, there isn’t a one size fits all.  Communicate with your photographer about your visual goals for your personal brand so that you end up with a gallery that serves your online visibility needs.

Your goal is to build an audience of ideal clients who want to do business with you/your brand – the question shouldn’t be ‘Will I consider personal branding photography? …it should be ‘Why wouldn’t I?’

There is no other marketing tool as versatile and powerful as your own vault of personal branding images that are consistent and high quality.


As a thank you for reading my blog, you can download my free Personal Branding Workbook by clicking here. This will help you discover your strengths, establish your niche and frame your story

I hope you found this useful and if you are interested in booking in for a session, you can contact me via the website