29th July 2021
Photography Mentoring NI

In this blog feature, I’m speaking with Amy Patterson, one of my SLR Photography Students

Amy Patterson – This is her favourite image taken during the course

I had the pleasure of working with Amy on my Beginners Photography Workshop – An Introduction to Photography earlier this year.

This 5 Week Online Group Session was suitable for anyone with an SLR or Mirrorless Camera. Perfect if you are just starting out, wanting to know the basics and learn what all the different settings on your camera do

It’s ideal for both business or personal photography, covering all genres. We learnt about light and how important it is. I demonstrated how to shoot in manual mode and learning was reinforced with practical weekly challenges. Additional support is also provided in a dedicated Facebook group for all the students taking part.

Read all about Amy and her experience of taking part in the Beginners Photography Workshop below …

Beginners Photography Workshop

Tell me a little about yourself …

Hi, I’m Amy and I recently completed the online course ‘Introduction to Photography’ with Catriona at Divine Photography. 

I am deputy sister in a Paediatric ward and absolutely love my job, despite the challenges it brings. At present, I am on maternity leave following the birth of my first born ‘Ida’. I have always had a great love for photography. I’m that family member snapping precious moments at family events. 

Tell me about the equipment that you use …

Equipment wise, I’m just starting out. I own one camera which I take with me everywhere I go – a Nikon D3500. This is used along with a 18-55mm lens and a 70-300mm lens

What did you enjoy most about The Introduction to Photography Course? 

I am thrilled I took the plunge to sign up to Catriona’s 5 week online course. Hesitant at first, due to being very new to photography, Catriona made me feel at ease. Teaching in an easy to follow and understandable, approachable way.

Online Photography Workshop

How did you find studying online?

As a new mum, online learning via Zoom meant I didn’t have to plan to travel any distance to learn. Instead, I was able to do it within the comfort of my own home. However, a face to face course would be a different experience. It would be easier to follow demonstration as you would have the expert there to physically show you. 

What was the most useful thing you picked up on the workshop?

It’s hard to pick out one individual point of learning from the 5 week course that I find most useful. I honestly found each week so informative to my learning. However, one huge learning curve I’ve taken from the course is the confidence to steer away from automatic mode. Instead, I put my camera straight to manual mode. This allows me to experiment with the different exposure settings in order to get that perfect photo. 

What I enjoyed greatly during the course were the weekly challenges. Catriona set a new one after each week’s class. These challenges made me think outside the box from what I’d normally snap. We were encouraged to consider more creative angles, textures, reflections and lighting.

Amy Patterson

What type of course do you think you would try next?

Whether it’s landscape views, animals or people, I enjoy the challenge in photography. My biggest love is newborn/baby and family photography. Since having my baby girl this passion has grown even more so. It has highlighted to me how much I really want to learn more in this field.

Currently I am researching newborn / family photography courses and workshops to take my learning to the next level. 

Do you think you would ever like to work as a professional photographer?

I really hope one day to call photography a job. Putting professional photographer on the wish list is a definite! 

The Photo Academy NI

Would you like to sign up for a Beginners Photography Workshop?

Why not add your name to the waiting list for the next in person Beginners Workshop starting later this year. You can get in touch via the website or Instagram page. Join The Photo Academy NI to help you take the next steps on your photography journey