3rd November 2021
Personal Branding Photography Northern Ireland

Dr Nicola Sherlock chats with me about her new book, Master Your Chronic Pain. It was so lovely getting to know Nicola during her Personal Branding Photo Session and hearing all about her background, her work and the idea for her book.

It’s something I am very passionate about – getting to know my clients and telling their story. Before each shoot, we have a pre-shoot consultation to ensure they get the most from the session. It also helps put clients at ease and reassure them.

Read Nicola’s story below …

Personal Branding Photography Dr Nicola Sherlock

Tell me all about yourself and how you arrived at writing the book …

I am a consultant clinical psychologist, primarily working in the NHS. I have worked in a chronic pain service for over 20 years. Chronic pain is pain that has persisted for more than about 3 months, and unfortunately it can persist for many years and even for a lifetime. I wrote my book ‘Master Your Chronic Pain: A Practical Guide’ to share my knowledge and experience about techniques that can help in the management of chronic pain.

Talk me through the process of writing your book

It was hard to find time to write the book with my work commitments, so I had to find a way to make it manageable. It was too daunting to think about writing an entire book so I reframed it in my mind as if I was writing a number of essays. I thought about each chapter as an essay and it seemed much more manageable to me then. I tried to develop a writing routine, for example, I tried to write for about 5 hours every Saturday afternoon.

Where did you get the idea for your book?

I’ve always enjoyed reading and if I need to find out some information about something I typically search for a book on the area. Over the years I have tried to find a book to recommend to my patients that provided information in an easy to read, relatable format. I could never find anything that I was happy with. ‘Master Your Chronic Pain’ is a book that I wish had been available to my patients. It is practical and full of information that people can immediately start to use

Personal Branding Photography Northern Ireland

What do you do to relax?

As I have already said, I love reading. I usually have about 5 books on the go at any one time! I regularly go the gym. I often don’t feel like going but I always feel more relaxed and happier after a gym session.

Who inspires you?

I am inspired by people who take a leap of faith and move outside their comfort zone. I am thinking of people like my aunt recently who passed away. She had worked as a nursing assistant in New York for years and when she had raised her family she trained as a nurse. She was 57 when she qualified

Who is your favourite author?

I enjoy reading books by many different authors so it is hard to pick a favourite. If I want to relax and chill I enjoy reading books by Marian Keyes. I think that she writes with humour and compassion and she doesn’t shy away from tackling sensitive issues. She also likes shoes, I can relate to that!

Personal Branding Photography Northern Ireland

Have you any tips for someone writing their first book?

I only have experience of writing non-fiction so with regard to this, I would advise to first give some thought to your target audience. Who are they and what do they need to know about? Come up with a plan for your book, what topics will you cover, how many chapters will it contain? Then just do it! Sit and begin to write, if you have writer’s block, try and get something on the page, even if it is just a paragraph or two

Where can we purchase your book?

The book is available to buy online from the publisher’s website. It is also for sale online on Amazon, Book Depositary, Waterstones and on WH Smith websites. It is available to purchase in some local bookshops.

It was a pleasure working with Nicola for her personal branding shoot and I wish her every success with her new book.

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