7th June 2021
Photography Workshops Northern Ireland

Photography Workshops Northern Ireland – Most people now have access to a decent digital camera but do they really know what to do with it? Is your camera set to auto but you want to get more from it? Would you love to take really creative images?

If so, then I have a range of Beginners Photography Courses & 1-2-1 Photography Mentoring options just for you. Now available online and in person – study at your pace and at a time that suits you.

From learning about the camera settings to understanding the importance of light, you will become totally comfortable with your camera. There are a range of options to suit everyone’s ability.

Photography Workshops

What do you cover on the workshops?

Understanding the importance of light – we discuss taking photos both indoors and outside.  I will explain the different types of light, it’s qualities and help you learn how to read the light to take amazing shots.

Leaving ‘Auto’ mode behind  – This is the main aim of the course. Getting you to take the first step towards better images by moving out of Automatic mode. We will exploring what the different settings do and I will be encouraging you to try the different camera modes to see the difference it makes to your work. You will learn about aperture, shutter speed & ISO and the impact that they have on the exposure of your images.

Composition – As with any creative activity, there are guidelines that help you get the most from your work. It terms of photography, this simply means where you can place certain elements within your image to make it look more balanced and appealing to the viewer. By explaining the rule of thirds, I will help you take your work to the next level and give you lots of helpful tips to make your images stand out from everyone else’s holiday snaps.

Creativity – We will look at ways of how you can take more creative shots that express your own personality and represent your style.

Castlerock North Coast of Ireland

Equipment – I’ll offer lots of guidance around what types of shots you can achieve with your current camera and share helpful information on what you might want to consider purchasing for a particular type of photography that you are drawn to. Some people tell me they love the ‘blurred background’ effect, some people want to freeze action shots in sport or wildlife. Others love taking shots at night time of the moon & stars.  I can tell you how to achieve these effects and what kit that you will need to do.

‘I’ve just completed the Beginners Photography Course under the guidance of Catriona. She’s a brilliant instructor and explains everything on a level which even a total novice like
myself can understand. Lovely informal tutoring with a true professional. I would highly recommend this course to any budding photographer.’ –
Maura O’K

What type of courses are available?

  • Beginners Photography Courses – available online or in person
  • 1-2-1 Beginners Photography Mentoring – one and two hour options available midweek – online or in person
  • Smartphone Photography Courses
  • 1-2-1 Photography Mentoring for Children – offered via Zoom – for up to two children at same location 
  • Photography Editing on your Smartphone
  • Using Lightroom and Photoshop to edit your images

Plus lots more ….

Photography Mentoring Northern Ireland

Do you have a love of photography and want to develop your style or grow your existing business further?  If the answer is yes, then my photography mentoring sessions are perfect for you.  The one on one sessions are specifically created to help you enhance your natural skills and ability.  We will cover exactly what you want to gain knowledge on and you will receive tailored content that’s totally relevant to you. Provided by a professional photographer, that’s me!   

I love to work with people of all levels of ability – whether you are an aspiring photographer or someone already in business, I’m here to help.   Photography mentoring is available on weekdays (Monday to Friday).

For further information or make a booking, you can get in touch via the Contact Page on the website or give me a call on 07525 900885