27th January 2022
Belfast Headshot Photography

Headshot Photography Northern Ireland – Now more than ever, it’s so important to be visible online and to have a professionally taken portrait. Create cohesive branding across your social media channels and gain follower’s trust. People buy people.

Headshot Photography Northern Ireland


A professional image online is critical for your career and your business. If you have never had a professional headshot taken, it’s a fantastic opportunity to be guided and directed in front of the camera and showcase the real you. Maybe you currently use a selfie taken with your smartphone or use a cropped image taken with a friend. Both of these options might have saved you time but they can look a little amateur. You want your image to stand out from the crowd, in a highly competitive business world.

Headshot Photography Northern Ireland

So, when should you update your headshot?

Even if you have had a professional headshot done before, there are still times when you might want a refresh. We don’t all look the same forever and it’s really good to have a current and fresh headshot done every couple of years. Here are five times that you should consider updating your headshot image:

1. Changed your look?

There are times in life when our appearance changes. Maybe we have lost or gained a little weight, changed our hair colour or altered our shape or style of hair. Perhaps your started wearing glasses or switched to contact lenses. If you old headshot looks nothing like you, then it’s a great opportunity to capture the new you. I know it may seem less hassle to use an old image or we sometimes think they look more flattering because we are younger, but your headshot is your visual business card and it should be representative of you.

2. You are ready to BRAND YOU!

Now is the time to elevate your brand – tell clients what you specialise in and show them the real you. Perfect for influencers, ‘About Me’ pages on your website & to build your online presence. Highlight what makes you and your brand unique. If you are just starting out in business or feel that the time is right for an update, then this is the option for you. 

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3. Your current image is a selfie

Maybe you were in a hurry to share a headshot on your LinkedIn profile or for your website, grabbed your smartphone and took a quick selfie. Perhaps you were pushed for time or didn’t feel confident enough to step in front of a professional camera. Whilst this might fill a gap, you have to think of the image you want to portray online. A professional headshot can really influence how others perceive you and your brand, determining if they decide to work with you or not.

4. It’s good to have variety

As you develop and grow your brand, it’s so useful to have a choice of headshots to choose from. From social media channels to your website, marketing materials and ads, using the same out of date image can make you appear out of touch. That’s why I offer a range of options as part of my Headshot Photography services. You can choose as many as you like from your gallery and have a great choice and variety to share online. I always encourage my clients to bring along a few outfit choices, that way we can decide what looks best on the day in the shoot location. This provides you with a great range of images to select from and a cracking choice to share.

5. You have changed job or obtained a new qualification

If you have recently changed career, moved company or got promoted, it’s the perfect time to update your headshot. Maybe achieved a new qualification or even started your own business. What better way to share the good news with your followers or peers online, than with a recent, professional image. Not only will it give you a real boost when you see the images but it also helps establish you as a professional in your field.

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Want to book in for a headshot photography shoot?

I hope you enjoyed reading my top five reasons for updating your headshot. If this has inspired you to get in front of the camera and refresh yours, why not get in touch. I work on location, travelling throughout Ireland to work with clients, providing quality images that showcase you. I’m not called the ‘Headshot Queen’ for nothing 😉 You can get in touch here or feel free to contact me via my social media channels on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn